Imported audio becomes glitchy

HI All,

I use:

Macbook Pro - OSX 10.9.5
Audacity - 2.0.6

Please help,

I’ve used Audacity for years and loved it. However recently I’m having an unexplainable glitch when I import my ‘top’ and ‘tail’ into my audio.

The audio is fine before importing it. (doesn’t seem to matter what audio I use)

I import it the ‘top’ and in audacity it plays fine. Then I export it as mp3, and the top comes out really glitchy - i.e. the sound cuts in and out, (of the ‘top’ only…rest of audio is fine).

It’s only whatever I put at the beginning of the track that gets glitchy.

After importing, when I go back into the audacity file, it is now glitchy there too (previously before export it was not.)

PLEASE help.



If the top track does not start at time zero or tracks have white space between separate clips, you may hear broken playback and this problem may get into the exported file.

The upcoming 2.1.0 release of Audacity has a fix for the above specific problem. Please try the latest pre-release build of 2.1.0 from the top of

Please let us know if that helps.