I’m trying to record a guitar over an imported track but the imported track is being recorded along the guitar. And that’s happening when I try to use a click track. How can I solve it ?

Look in Audacity’s Device Toolbar . Record from the input your guitar is connected to, not from stereo mix or wave out which records computer playback.

Use headphones, otherwise if you are recording using a microphone, the microphone will record the imported track or click track in the background.


Dude. I’ve tried all four alternatives of input and it’s still recording the imported audio.

Then I would suggest you should have stated that in your original post, so that we knew. We have no idea what level of expertise you have if you just say you have a problem and give no further information.

There is only one correct input to select and that is the input your guitar (or amplifier, or microphone) is connected to.

If you need more help, please tell us what kind of guitar you have (USB, electric, acoustic) and exactly how you are recording it.

Are you using headphones?


Look. I have an accoustic guitar, plugged in an audio mixer console that is plugged in the PC. I have programmed a drum sequence in a software called Rythim Rascall and i’ve imported the wave file to the Audacity. Now I want to record the guitar using the drum wave file and I want to have them both in the end. Is that possible ? How can I do it ?

As per the first reply, select the Audacity input that the mixer is connected to. Is it a USB mixer and you are connecting the mixer to the computer using a USB cable? Or is the mixer connected to line-in of the PC?

What output device are you selecting in Audacity Device Toolbar (exact name) to listen to Audacity?

Just to be clear, are you sure you are recording the click track in the guitar track - that is, press “Solo” on the recorded guitar track only and you hear the guitar track and the click track?


We can’t “look”, that’s why we ask you to look and describe what you see. We can only know as much about your set-up as you tell us, so please try to be descriptive, accurate and detailed in your replies. Too much detail is better than not enough and in the long run saves time and unnecessary repetition.

Just to cover another possibility if your Audacity input is correctly chosen (that is, the computer input the mixer is connected to), make sure you are not sending the click track to the mixer and then sending that back to Audacity to be recorded along with the guitar.

You can usually avoid that problem by connecting the computer to the “Tape Out”, “Main Output” or “Alt 3/4 output” of the mixer. Don’t connect the computer to “Control Room Out”.