i have a stereo track with a lot of effects saved with the format Aup
i would like to create a new stereo track with the same piece
add other effects
then mix down the two
i could not find the details of this manipulations .

is there a way to send picture on this forum ?

thanks for your help

For the sake of other French users, please include a French version of your question.

Individual Tracks can be exported by using the “Export Selection” function from the File menu (the track to be exported must be selected).
These tracks can then be imported into a new project.

Images may be uploaded to the forum in JPG, PNG or GIF format, but please avoid uploading very large pictures as they slow down the page load and are difficult to view. Use the “Upload attachment” tab below the compose message box. Once the image is uploaded there is an option to place the image into your post (“Place in-line” button)