Import trouble

Just got the latest Audacity, LAME on a Pro XP machine. Trying to import audio or mp3s but nothing comes in unless I import raw and then I get a very short (afew seconds) file which sounds but not as music. Help?

If you have really strange files, you might also need the FFMpeg software.


You shouldn’t need LAME or FFMPEG to open/import an MP3. (You do need LAME to _ex_port to MP3.)

Are you sure it’s an MP3? Can you play it in Windows Media Player? Have you tried a different MP3 from a different source?

If there’s something “funny” about this particular MP3, but you can play it with other software, you may be able to convert it to WAV with a different program and then import the WAV into Audacity for editing. (Then you should be able to save/export to MP3 if you wish.)

FYI - You can import raw uncompressed PCM audio data if you know (or if you can guess) the parameters. Raw compressed data won’t work at all. Without decoding/decompressing, it’s going to “look like” garbage (or random data) to the software and “sound like” noise. And not that it matters, but of course it’s shorter in duration (and file size), since it’s compressed and there’s less data.