Import track overrides recorded track

I have an mp3 drum track I imported, and I want to listen to this while recording a new guitar track. I can do this but the problem is the drum track records over the new track very loudly. I don’t want it to record in the new track at all. I just want to mix the 2 separate tracks. The guitar is acoustic and I am using a mic. How can I do this?

If you like to record internet audio like YouTube or other services, that’s the setting that’s getting in the way. Recording Music Playing on the Computer runs the record and play parts of the computer at the same time and that’s the exact thing you don’t want while you’re overdubbing.

On the Audacity Device Toolbar, make sure you’re recording from an actual device like your sound card or USB microphone, not Stereo-Mix, What-U-Hear, or Wave-Out.


The drum track is an imported mp3. So there is no input line on that. When I record my guitar through the mic, it is coming from the computer Realtek card Input Level In, through a preamp. I put my headphones on, so that I don’t get feedback, listen to the drum track while recording the guitar. But the drum track is coming out on the mic/guitar input and very loud and fuzzy. Its trying to re-record the drum track while I am trying to only input the mic/guitar, and just listen to the drum track. Does that make sense?

I am wondering if the problem could be with my computer hardware, the sound device. Maybe the playback automatically goes on the record track at that level. Any ideas? I am a newbie at this so I have very little experience in the area.