Import Several "raw files"

I want to remove hiss from servral recording.

  1. The question is how to import in bulk 40 “Rawe data” audio files at once ?

  2. What is the license of “Noise Removal by Dominic Mazzoni” ? Is there a possiblity to adapt it to my own custom “recorder” (which produce firstly raw data files) ?

    Thank you very much for an aswers in advance :slight_smile:

I don’t know that Noise Removal is available as a batch (Chain) process. Noise Removal works in two steps, not one and you have to be aware of the show in each case, you can’t just push a button.

That on top of Hiss being very difficult to remove – most times impossible.


Yes, Noise Removal is available as a batch process, but importing RAW data isn’t.
The problem with importing RAW data is that it has no header information to tell the application how to handle the 1’s and 0’s, so the application cannot be sure that it is reading the data the correct way. This is why file headers were invented.

Step 1, convert them to a standard file format with a file header (such as a WAV file)
Step 2, Use the “Chain” commands:

Audacity is licensed under GPL version 2: