Import Sample Rate

I’m using Audacity 2.0.3 installed from the EXE installer on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I have a raw data file with 1 channel, 16-bits per sample, at a sample rate of 131072Hz, and runs for about 20 minutes, 19 seconds. When I import it into Audacity, even though I specify 131072, the track indicates a 100000Hz sample rate and the length is about 26 minutes, 38 seconds. If I convert the sample rate using the Set Rate option, it shortens it to the correct length, but I’m not certain if the audio sounds correct. The nature of the audio is such that it is difficult to tell. Is there a reason why it won’t import it at 131072Hz sample rate? And is changing the rate using the Set Rate option changing the way it should sound? I know that it sounds different between the two sample rates, but I’m not sure which one is “correct”.

The maximum sample rate supported by “Import Raw” is 100000 Hz (this is hard coded into ImportRaw.cpp).
A simple workaround is (as I think you are suggesting) to import with any sample rate (such as 100000 Hz, or even the default 44100 Hz, and then change the sample rate to 131072 in the track drop-down menu (Click on the name of the imported track and from the drop down menu use “Set Rate”). That will work.