Import / Read WAV files directly gone?


In the latest release (2.3.3) i miss the option to drag WAV files into Audacity without a safety copy being made. This was very handy for quickly importing multiple files (say an album) to edit. I know it’s “less safe” that way, but i liked it. Any chance this option can be reinstated?


Not only is it “less safe”,but if the project has “dependencies” and one of those files is overwritten, it will corrupt the entire project. As this would be fatal for the project, it is disallowed (not an option).

However, it is recognized that sometimes people just want to make a quick edit to a file with the minimum of bother and without a safety net. This would be particularly useful when using Audacity as a “sample editor” alongside a DAW. A recent discussion among the developers favorably considered a special editing mode to allow this kind of editing, while temporarily disabling features (such as multiple projects open, and “dependencies”) that pose a critical risk.

Thanks for that, sounds good! I understand the motivation for removing it and I agree it’s not really suited for a proper project. It is nice for a quick edit, as you say, so i’m pleased to hear about this special editing mode. :slight_smile: