import raw data issues ?

hi there, im totally green and new to this forum/ ive 4 podcasts ready to export but this last one i effed up by creating desktop folder and audacity wont let me open file.

im trying to import raw data thru 2 folders; d00 and d08 …they were imported but it sounds like a jungle and there all files on top of each other.

any if anyone can help thank you - rhett

An Audacity project has two parts and .aup file and a _data folder,

The aup file is the “project manager” for the data folder/files - and they have to be together in the same folder.

You access your project by opening the aup file - NOT by accessing the individual audio blocks in the _data folder.



Note that this will change in the upcoming Audacity 3.0.0 where the project is implemented as a single self-contained .aup3 project file.