Import Raw Data default parameters?

I am running Audacity 2.1.2 on Windows 10.

I often work with audio files that must be imported as raw data. My files always have the same format:

  • Signed 16-bit PCM
  • Little Endian
  • 1 channel (mono)
  • 8000Hz sample rate

Is there a way to save the default parameters for Import Raw Data? Every time I go to import a file it seems I get a random set of parameters. It would be great if it just remembered the last settings I used or if I could set default preferences.
Is there a way to do this?

No there isn’t.
Audacity attempts to work out what format the data is, but sometimes it gets it wrong (quite often in my experience).

I’ve moved this topic to the “Adding Features” section as I assume that you would like this as a new feature, and perhaps other users would like to log their support for this.

+1 for such a feature. It would be great over a registry setting, or configuration option to define a default sample rate.

I also want to use 8000 as PCM audio when importing audio data.

+1 for this idea. If it were just to remember the last set of parameters used that would be sufficient for most of my work.

At the moment it’s really quite infuriating to use and you can’t even work around it using macros as there is no import raw command either.

For those interested in this feature request, would it be sufficient if the Import RAW dialog had a checkbox option:
[X] Remember settings

  • When selected, whatever settings are applied will be the default settings the next time that Import RAW is used.
  • When not selected, Import RAW will attempt to guess the correct settings as now.
  • The checkbox remains checked, or unchecked, until changed by the user.

That would 100% address my use case Steve, ty for coming back on this.

I have a number of colleagues who would also appreciate your simple proposed way to address this.

Would absolutely love to have this in the Mac version as well. Thanks!

Still looking for this on 7/12/2021. :smiley:

My pull request has been merged.

Last raw data import setting will be preserved during Audacity running.
This change is going to be released with Audacity 3.1.0.

Thank you for this upgrade! Any estimate of when Audacity 3.1.0 will be released?

And, initial samplerate value comes from project rate.

So you can use
Preference - Quality - Default Sample Rate
setting like default initial samplerate.