import option: read file from card?

Hi, in previous audacity versions I was prompted to select a read option upon importing a file. something like “read file directly from card”. This doesn’t seem available anymore in the new version and it also seems that files are imported and take up space in some directory even if the project isn’t saved. I’m looking for an easy way to preview recordings and doing minor edits like vol, compression, etc. without taking up disk space. Any workarounds for this? Thanks, Paolo

That was the “read directly from uncompressed files” option. It was removed some time ago (before 2.4.0). Even when that option was available, any edits would cause Audacity to create “block files” on disk that obviously took up some space. So if you imported a file with the “read directly” option, then adjusted the volume of the entire file, Audacity would create a temporary directory full of block files that would add up to about the same size as the original file. The temporary directory (including the Audacity project and block files) was deleted when the project was closed.

Since Audacity 3.0.0 projects are self contained. There is no longer a directory full of block files. Still, the temporary project is deleted when it is closed.

Are you that tight on disk space that this is an issue?

– Bill