I connect my Sony voice recorder to my PC/WINDOWS 10 with a USB cord. When I try to import the files from the voice recorder to Audacity, I go to IMPORT - IC RECORDER F DRIVE- FOR WINDOWS - AUDIO - then it shows no files to import, just installs or guides. What do I need to do to import my audio files from my Sony px333 voice recorder to Audacity.


I would close Audacity and get Windows to import the files to the desktop. Windows 10 is particular about what it will connect to and import files from. Are you following a set of instructions? Does the Sony px333 claim to support Windows 10?

Do you know what kind of files are recorded in the Sony px333? It would be good to know that. It could be why the files are invisible.

I got a nasty surprise when I tried to transfer live recorded sound files from my iPod. They’re in an odd sound format and took special care and effort.

The Sony web site has software and drivers available.


I found [u]this page[/u] which shows the file structure.

Does Windows Explorer find the files? If Windows can find the files, Audacity should see them. And of course, if Windows can’t see them Audacity won’t see them either.

Can you play-back the recordings on the player… Are you sure the files exist?