import multiple .wav files

I want to import 10 or 12 .wav files (live recordings) which came from several different venues to create an album. After importing I want to set the volume uniformly throughout the 12 songs. I am new at Audacity but could not find an answer on faq’s.

The way that I would do it would be:
1)Import all of the files - they will be loaded one above the other.
2) “Edit menu > Preferences > Tracks” and set “Solo button” behaviour to “Simple”. This allows you to quickly switch between one track soloed and another track soloed by clicking on the track solo button of the track that you want to hear.
3) Select all tracks (Ctrl+A) and Normalize to -1 dB (Effect menu > Normalize).
4) Use the Solo button to listen to one track at a time and find the quietest track. Move that track to the top so that it is easy to locate. This will be the “master” that we will match all of the other tracks to.
5) For each track in turn, adjust the track Gain slider (on left end of the track) so that it plays at the same loudness as the “master” track.
6) When all tracks are playing at the same loudness, unmute / unsolo all tracks.
7) “File menu > Export Multiple” to export each track as a separate file.
You now have a set of files ready to burn on CD or whatever you want to do with them.

I am also new at forums, this being my first, I am quite impressed and very thankful for your fast and detailed response! Now, back to work on my project ! Thanks again!