Import MP3 Podcast sounds like "outer space" 1950

I am using Audacity 2.0.3 on a Mac using System 10.6.8. I installed Audacity using the .dmg installer.

I dragged a 2-hr MP3 podcast (Floydcast Brain Damage Pink Floyd) onto Audacity and it loaded and showed a waveform. I then did the Effects>Normalize. Next I clicked the Play button…but it sounds like a 1950’s outer-space sequence from Twilight Zone. I tried to adjust playback speed but it did no good. I’m too new (today) to try much without some guidance.

The shows are so long I was going to split them into 3-segments for recording on CD’s…plus I can’t even load them into iTunes via the usual Add To Library function.

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.


It played too fast? Then it probably wasn’t a real MP3 or was of a different file type. Install the FFMpeg software add-on and Audacity will be able to recognize many more different sound files than it does normally. .



I installed FFmpeg (0.6.2 OSX 10.4+ DMG) and it was “Successful” showed the location and a long version number. Restarted Audacity and again dragged of the alleged “MP3” podcasts on and had same results as before…“Twilight Zone Robots”…??

The podcasts are terminated .mp3 and play fine on an old windows machine but will not load into the iTunes Library and will not play in audacity either.

Does the file open in QuickTime? If so, Command - I and tell us what it says for format.

Audacity cannot un-corrupt the file if it’s corrupted.


If the extension says MP3 and you drag the file in, then Audacity will try to open it with the MP3 importer even if you installed FFmpeg.

To make the file open with FFmpeg, File > Import > Audio, then choose “FFmpeg-compatible files” from the choice menu. Now select the MP3 and FFmpeg will try to import it.