import macro not working

Hi newb here,
Arch Linux
Audacity 2.3.3
Distro release

Im trying to get a macro to work and import a .mp3 file to append another .mp3, I think i figured it out (new to audacity macros), but all of a sudden I cannot import the file. I have made sure the active directory for both importing and the file being operated on by the macro is correct (one in the same). The strange thing is, initially, the import function worked (though I hadn’t quite figured out the rest of the settings of other macro functions and the output was not what I was looking for). Now I think i’ve figured out the other function settings for the rest of the macro, but can’t seem to test it as I can’t import the file (using the macro Import2 function). This is step one. I am sorry if I am totally clueless and it is something simple, but this is why I am asking!

What are you trying to do with the macro?
If you want to batch process files, you don’t need to have an Import command.

Very simple operation of removing a section of audio in the main file (one track, stereo) and adding a section of audio from another file. I do seem to be able to remove a section by timestamp using an audacity macro. For the present operation, I only need to add a piece of audio to the front of the main file (after deleting a section), so I could just use cat file1.mp3 file2.mp3 > catfile.mp3. I would like to batch process this too, but my scripting/programming chops may not be up to it, unless you can suggest a simple way!

If you use the “Import2:” command you have to enter the full file path and file name, for example:

Excellent! Funny, I did think of doing this just today for something else, but I did not apply it to this specific case. I will expect success and post back if I have further problems. Thanks kindly for the rapid reply!