Import from CD Question

2.4.2, Windows 10 64

Making my first stab at importing music from CD. Ripped the CD to wav files and imported into audacity without problem. The ripped wav file showed 23 “tracks” and each one was imported as a separate track in Audacity. These are not “regular” tracks where each is a separate song but seem more like editor’s tracks where a piece of music was clipped and inserted. The CD is one long performance not several items. I want to reassemble the tracks into one piece of music as it was originally. I can do this by cutting and pasting but with 23 tracks on one CD and more on the second this is a tedious, hair pulling, turning the air blue process. Can one of the magic buttons in Audacity help me with this? Thanks for the help.

You should be able to rip the disc as one big WAV file. What ripping application are you using?

Note that most audio formats don’t have track/index/chapter marks you’ll loose the ability to jump to a particular spot.

I assume that when you import them into Audacity you get the 23 tracks all stcked s#arting at T=0

If so then

  1. Tracks>Align Tracks>Align End to End
  2. Then you can either Export in your required format (and Audacity will render into one olng file


  1. Ctrl+A to select all
  2. Tracks>Mix>MIx and Render to New Track