Import from 2.3.3 linux to 3.2.1 windows


I’m trying to import an .aup + _data files created from 2.3.3 / Linux lubuntu to 3.2.1 Windows 10 but nothing appears, blank windows only, help please ! The files were ok in the Linux box, but unfortunately I don’t have access anymore…

Thanks for any clues

Self reply…

As a workaround I found a Linux box, installed 2.3.3 on it, exported the .aup + _data files from windows to Linux opened it in audacity (worked perfectly) then exported to wav and back to the windows box to edit it on Audacity 3.2.1… a little bit time-wasting but worked perfectly.
At least it proved that the aup/_data was not corrupt
But doesn’t explain why the aup/_data files didn’t open in the audacity on Windows.

How big is the _data folder? If it’s not too huge, perhaps you could make it available (for example, via dropbox or GDrive) and I’ll take a look to see if I can see what the problem was.

I shared it on Gdrive, how can I give you the link ? (I’m too young on this forum not yet allowed to send private messages :frowning: )

I’ve manually upgraded your account so you should now be able to send me a PM.

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Should be OK now.