Import files.

Can you make (add) the item “Import to Audacity” in the context menu (right-click), in particular, of the music files? That is, if you select an item, the program itself opens and the file is imported?

It is possible to associate audio files with Audacity so that Audacity “opens” the file in a new project (see: Doing this is not generally recommended as it can interfere with the normal “play” associations, and it can be annoying to be prompted to save the new Audacity project if all you wanted to do was to play the file.

It is not possible to add an “import” command to the right click file menu because importing requires that you specify which project to import the file into (there could be multiple projects open, or none), and as far as I’m aware, Windows does not provide any mechanism for doing that.

Thank you! True, a little differently, the associated program changes in the file properties. In my opinion, a good solution.