Import Data files recorded without little icon

Good aftaernoon.
I have recorded some things and somehow lost the little icon I can click on to open and edit. I only have the original Data files. Is there a way I can import or open the files in Audacity to edit them. It does open in Audacity but one little section at a time and not in order to how it was recorded.

Thank you in advance

What? Did you loose your [u]AUP file[/u]?

Here is some information about [u]Project Recovery[/u]. But luckily (for me) I don’t have any experience with it so if you need more help, maybe someone else can help.

For future reference, it’s always a good idea to save a WAV backup* (whether you make/save an Audacity Project or not). WAV files are pretty foolproof and unlike Audacity Project files they are “self contained” so less likely to get lost or corrupted.


  • And if it’s super-critical you can make multiple backups and store them in different physical locations, ect.