Import and convert 48000 Hz audiofiles in 44100Hz

Hi, i would like to know if converting my recordings 48000Hz to 441000 hz format are actually affecting the quality or not ? (I want maybe later to put them on CD). Thanks !

No, you won’t hear any quality difference as long as you remain at about “CD quality” or better. Of course you are changing the data so it’s not “bit perfect”.

But, does it matter? …If you are starting withal 48kHz file and making a CD you don’t have any choice. :wink: Or, most CD burning applications will make any necessary conversions as long as you configure it to make an “audio CD”.

…When I make MP3s from 48kHz video files I leave them at 48kHz. But I don’t make CDs from MP3s (lossy compression) unless that’s all I have available.

Okay, thanks. So it’s better to export them as it (48Khz), and then converting with a burn CD application you say okay. :slight_smile: Yeah i am recording at 48Khz and sometimes even 96Khz cause i want use sounds on video, but alslo put them on CD. Thanks again !!

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