Import a file from WITHIN a chain?

Hi all,
(Audacity 2.10. .dmg on Mac OSX 10.8.5 - macbook pro)
I’ve never used chains before so I apologize if this is obvious. I want to add the same stereo track to 1000 different stereo tracks (I need to end up with 4 channels of sound for each file). To do this, I figured I’d create a chain in which the same sound file was imported on each pass of the chain and added to a file and then the whole thing would be exported. I found a tutorial online and in that tutorial there is a command for “import” in their screen shot of an Audacity chain, so presumably one can import a file as part of a chain, but when I try to make a chain on my system, I find that there is no “import” command. Is there a way to import within a chain? Is this something that changed between versions?

Please check that is not a typo for 2.1.0 - if necessary please go to to download from us.

Sorry, no. There used to be an “Import” command but it was never functional and not intended for mixing an arbitrary file into a Chain applied to a list of files.

You could try SoX: If necessary you can search the SoX users mailing list for some examples or subscribe to that list and ask for help directly.