Import 30min taking 278hours multiple times

Every time I try to import this Audio it just decides to take forever. My firewall is off and it still won’t work. I’m not sure what I got you need but everything is up to date.

I’ve looked throughout google for the solution and I’m not seeing anything close enough related.

What format is “this audio and where did you get it”?

[u]MediaInfo[/u] may be helpful.

throughout google for the solution

How did you Google it? Did you try download problem” as an example? Mention the server company or on-line name in the search. has been mentioned in several malware searches, experiences and complaints…

That and we assume you have enough room on your machine to put the sound file after it gets here?

A 30 minute stereo, perfect quality WAV file comes in at 318MB.

Do you know it’s a 30 minute sound file? Can you play YouTube videos with sound? If you can’t, maybe your internet connection is having problems.