Implementing sound effects

Recently I got into a project for which I’m supposed to implement some sound effects (like echo, delay, distorsion, flanger etc) “from scratch” within the next three weeks. I’m a second year Computer Science student and the objective is to present the resulting programs in a kind of science fair organized by my university. I’ve been searching and asking around for open-source projects that could guide me and I came across Audacity. Would implementing them specifically for Audacity be a good way to start? How would one go about doing so? I can code in C.


Audacity is mostly written in C++
The source code is freely available and there are basic instructions available for build it:

Audacity is a large and complex project (over 200,000 lines of code), but you will find many examples of audio effects in /src/effects/

Alternatively, Audacity includes a scripting language called “Nyquist” which is based on LISP (XLisp). For a short project you may find that writing an effect in Nyquist is a good option. It is relatively easy to learn and has a wide range of DSP primitives which allow rapid development. See:

Another option for rapid deployment could be Faust:

Thank you very much for your reply! I will look into that shortly.