Implementing "Mixing Tracks"

I Absolutely LOVE Audacity so much! I use it to Produce and Mix numerous times every day! I think that it would be great to add a mixing track option, now: I know you can merge tracks, but the idea of being able to link numerous tracks into one without losing an instrument REALLY fascinates me.

Now, I know not everyone will use it, because most of the time people will use audacity for a podcast, or some event that you do not need much overlaying noise.

But for other producers that love audacity, I think it could really be great: Say if you have a saxophone playing and you merge the track, apply the compression and limiter. You want the bass to be louder, you would have to undo and then repeat the process until you like it, the same can come to vocals as well when one is singing- especially if he or she has underlying vocals. Usually I do merge the vocals into one line… but I think at times it can be quite risky if you realize you do not like an echo or other effect, or if you later find a production error.

Mix and render to new track, solo it, then apply compressor, limiter, etc.
If you don’t like it just delete the mix track: you still have all the individual tracks.