imorting audio

I have a cd. On the cd are .cda tracks. In windows media player, os: windows xp, the three songs were ripped to the library. I wanted to save them as wavs. Can’t tell, think they were saved as mp3s. Audicity won’t play them in audio format or raw data format.It looks like there’s a recording but the only sound is a blip. The songs play in wmp.

I want to export the songs as mp3s and oggs. How do I do this? thanks, pat

On the cd are .cda tracks.

No. On the CD are .cda pointers that tell the CD player where the actual music is. You have to rip the CD using ripping software to bring the music back.

I don’t know that I would use Windows Media to do that. I think Windows Media always converts everything to WMA which Audacity will not play without installing the FFMpeg software. And it’s compressed audio.

I want to say I used to use CDEX software.


When on Windows I also use CDex
If you plan to work on the file (in Audacity or any other editing program) it’s best to rip the CD to WAV files.

I have music files I created in audacity. The songs have a .aup extension. I should be able to listen to the song in audacity.
It seems I can’t. Could you walk me through now I get an .aup file to open and play in audacity? pat

You will probably find the “Getting Started” section in the manual useful:

hi, I found sourceforge and tried to download cdex and got an error message that said there was a problem and talk to my admin. There were two separate downloads, the first one took, the second didn’t.

Do you need more info to help me fix this problem? Is this problem not your problem ?

The cdex program seems to be the deal w/ converting my audio cd, would be even better if I could install it.

thanks, pat :frowning:

CDex is not our product so we can’t really offer support, however, I’ve used CDex in the past and you should only need one download - the top one on this page: (CDex 1.70 (Beta 4 2009))
There is also “LAME” as an optional download that gives CDex the ability to create MP3 files - you don’t need that if you are ripping to WAV format.