imic input from old voice recorder

I have an old Panasonic voice recorder with a headphone out jack. I use a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter and my Sony noise cancellation headphones (MDR-NC7) work just fine. I am trying to input the voice recordings into Audacity on a Macbook (OS 10.8.2) using a new Griffin iMic USB adaptor. I’ve read many articles and cant get the right combination of settings. I have set the Mac System Preferences to iMic, set the MIDI utility etc. I am now thinking its either impedance matching or maybe balanced vs non-balance line issues. I’ve tried the iMic in line-in and mic settings. The recorder manual says that the headphone impedance must be " greater than 16 ohm mono and 32 ohm stereo". The specs on the headphones indicates 33 Ohm active and 100 Ohm in-active, both settings work. Does anyone know the impedance of the iMic line in ? I cant find it. Any ideas on how to find the difference between the headphones which work and the iMic which doesnt? Any suggestions would be great.

You may be way overthinking this. Does your MBP have an analog input like the circle with two black arrows?

Is it an MPB? Which machine and how big?


It is a new 2012 MacBookPro, the new one without a line in, just a headphone out. Lots of complaints around about that, this jack can’t be switched in preferences either. I bought the machine (and love it) for lots of other reasons, but this discovery and research is what led me to iMic and another cheap USB input device. Same problems with other one. A couple more details, the output from voice recorder goes to its own speaker unless it detects a device connected to headphone out. So when I connect working headphones, speaker output stops. Headphones use 3 ring TRS connector. cable to iMid is also 3 ring TRS, but when I plug in cable alone, recorder doesnt detect it (expected) when I plug into the iMic unpowered, nothing (again expected) but when I plug into iMic connected to laptop the sound still comes out the recorder speaker indicating that the recorder doesnt detect iMic. This is whats leading me to think its a signal protocol issue, not something simple. But I have over thunk things before, so I’m open to every idea.