Image-line Hardcore Plug in problem?

So I have everything setup in program files best of my knowledge, I can use hardcore on like a mp3 of a beat I import it works fine, but when I got to put the hardcore effect on the vocals I just recorded it just makes my whole vocals max out and distort like to the maxium but on a mp3 beat I imported it works fine all this is happening in the same project. Any ideas thanks swizz.

Can you point us to where you got the effect from?


Yea I have image-line hardcore plugged into audacity, then while on audacity I just go to the the click on effects and then it shows up on that menu. If thats what you were asking? But the effects work fine on the beats its just vocals for some reason it just max’s out I cant even zoom out enough to see how loud it is in db…

No. Where did you get it from? Where’s the web site? We have no idea what you’re doing without a little background or instructions or web site.


Letting someone else Google “hardcore” I see :slight_smile:

Hardcore VST does include deliberate distortion …

Inside Hardcore you will find all your staple effects including:
Noise Gate

The (deliberate) distortion may show up less on something bassy like the beat of a bass drum.
[That you got this VST to work at all suggests that it’s not an Audacity problem]

If you are using a free demo version of the VST effect it may have a spoiler which appears after a certain time to convince you to pay up. Some spoilers are bursts of noise which may possibly be what you are hearing.