iMac fan noise

Hi there, I am running Audacity 2.3.2 on Mojave 10.14.6 on a brand new iMac.

As soon as I start Audacity and even worse when I press Record, the fans start up and make recording impossible.

Any ideas?

You could use an external microphone and position it far enough away from the computer to not pick up too much fan noise.

the fans start up

It’s rough to believe starting Audacity can cause a system thermal event. Do you have good, unrestricted airflow around your machine?

How much other stuff do you have running? What happens if you Restart the Mac and then run Audacity?

Does your Mac automatically connect to the internet with browser, Chat, iCloud, Skype, etc? All those things take up system resources and make heat.

Go > Utilities > Activity Monitor. Scroll through CPU and Disk to see where all the work is. I once had a licensing error that slowly sucked up 99% of the machine and started the fans.

the fans start up and make recording impossible.

Nobody said you had to record in the same room with the computer, although USB microphones practically guarantee you will have to. Nobody wrote you had to record on the computer at all (unless you’re creating gaming blogs).

This is a Zoom H4 sound recorder in a home studio. It makes zero noise in normal use.

What’s the job? Are you reading for audiobooks?


I press Record, the fans start up

The fan system doesn’t work like that. What’s the possibility it just sounds like the fans are running? That your system is in feedback or has some other sound error. Do you like to record internet music, effects or other content?