I'm trying to update an old OS that has an old Audacity version

2023-03-13T04:00:00Z My OS is Vista Home Basic I rarely connect to the internet because I use it for music, photos and storage of personal data. I’m 80 years old and ignorant of much of the new tech. I’m using Audacity 2.0.2, I love Audacity and PaintNet. I’m now on my Win10 laptop. The need for a new version came out of an I/O error in the .dll libraries. Error: Failed to load FFmpeg libraries and AVxxxx-52.dll libraries. I managed to link to Audacity.com and attempt to download the new version but it’s a 64bit version. I fear the old 32bit version is gone forever. Maybe I can get the .dll routines if they will be compatible with my 32bit OS. Does anyone have a solution for me? Thanks for considering my dilemma.

Old versions of Audacity, (including 2.0.2, 32-bit ) are available from fosshub …

NB: 32-bit versions of Audacity should run on your new 64-bit Windows operating system.

The current version of Audacity (3.2.5) is available in 64 & 32 bit,
but … it may not run on Vista … Windows Vista OS - Audacity Wiki

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