Im stupid.. please help =]

Hi there.


I want to record a sound from a program to audacity. I need to use the recording setting thnig line-in I think (which is what the computor is playing, reocrds what comes out of the speakers).

Then I want to record my guitar and vocas on top, plugging my guitar into computor, and using a mic for vocals.

Im using Windows vista which means I cant record what the computor is playing.

Can someone tell me, in the smplest way possible (seriously, im clueless to anything mildly complex, tell me so a 5 year old can understand) how to make it so I can record what the computor is playing which copyingthe backing and guitar at the same time when I record playing two tracks at once.

Bear in mind my computor has pretty good sound card (I think) and I have no access to taking the computor apart or anything. I wish to spend no money and prefeably not download anything although i think that may be inevitble.

Remeber, im stupid, k?


If it’s any help, i’m using the lastest version of audacity, 1.34 beta or something.

Alkalinetrio, you will be more likely to get a response if you post this in the ‘Windows unstable’ forum above.

Good luck,