I'm searching for a quality preamp


I want a quality preamp for recording voice guitar and basguitar, any suggestions?

Art seem to have a good reputation for good quality products at reasonable prices, so may be worth a look: http://www.artproaudio.com/default.asp?p_id=4

Also, Behringer produce amazingly high specification equipment at very low prices. They seem to attract some attention for being "cheap"in the negative sense, but I have found their stuff to be well built, reliable, very good sound quality and exceptional value for money. Not necessarily as robust as one might like for on-the road gigging, but fine for home use.

thanks I’ll take a look at it, other suggestions are welcome!

I use this one from ART http://www.artproaudio.com/products.asp?type=90&cat=13&id=109 plugged into my external Edrol USB soundcard (UA-1EX) - produces very good results.

I note that ART also produce a similar looking gadget which is a preamp and USB soundcard combined - might be worth a look. it is this one http://www.artproaudio.com/products.asp?type=91&cat=14&id=110 - but I note that it is now listed in their “discontinued products” section - you may still be able to find one though.