I'm recording using a mic. I have problems with low voice

Hello to everyone. I apologize for my english. I hope to be clear. I’m trying to record a speaker. The speaker has a microfone that goes into a mixer. I use the aux line of the mixer and with a jack / jack cable I go into mic in line of a laptop. When the speaker has a normal / high level of voice all work good. When He has a low level of voice the signal goes to 0. In other words it seems that under a threshold, Audacity cuts the signal to 0. Please, could someone help me?
I thank you very much for the answers.


What a great name. Mine means herder of goats. Does your name mean anything?

The sound is probably still there. Audacity will not display it for you.

Click on the black down arrow to the left of the timeline and select Waveform dB. That will produce a waveform that will not get lost so easy. Then pull the bottom of the timeline down so the blue waves get taller and taller. Then go into Preferences > Interface and select -96.

You may need to restart Audacity to make all those settings stick, but that will make Audacity follow sound all the way down to nothing without cutting it off.

If your flashing light meters are too small, you can float the meter tool bar and make them really big, too. You can do even better than this…