I'm recording a voice cd and looking for advice!

Hi everyone

I am putting together a information cd with my mum speaking on it, I have decided to use audacity for this. I have a compaq notebook with a build in mic or I have a headphone mic type thing or my dad has a mic he bought off ebay. I was just going to record in audacity and export to mp3 and then burn with nero to cd. This will be a product cd, and will be bulk burned recorded etc by a company. Should I export mp3 or wav or other?

I am looking for any advice or tips just to ensure the quality is pretty good and clear. Do you think the mic on the notebook should be avoided?

I just want the audio to be nice and clear and audible for people listening to it on their car stereo or whatever.

thanks very much and I look forward to any input at all! Any settings I should change on audacity? i was just going to crudely highlight and delete and sections that need editing etc. later on as I am not a skilled user and am looking for a fast result!

thanks a lot


Use a sample rate of 44100 (set the default in the “Quality” tab in Preferences)
Export as “WAV (Microsoft) 16 bit PCM”

Laptop built in microphones are best avoided.