I'm new here and I thought I'd post a link to my (free) album, recorded entirely with Audacity :)

My latest album, free to download, recorded using only Audacity. I hope you approve :slight_smile:

Technical nit-picking:
Keeping the the envelope between +/-0.5 is good advice when recording,
but the audio delivered to the customer should be much louder if it’s rock music …

Youlean Loudness Meter - Free VST, AU and AAX plugin (free version)
KSHMR Essentials Kick | W. A. Production (free version)

Technical nit-picking #2: the bass is cyclically going out-of-phase, causing intermittent bass-cancellation …

bass is cyclicly going out-of-phase (causing intermittent bass cancellation)

ToneBoosters | Audio Plug-ins | GonioMeter (free!) (free, VST3)

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