I'm new and i have a problem!!!

Hi there,
I’m totally new to the software and i’m just getting to grips with it with the help of a friend who also uses Audacity.

My mike, mixer etc is all working fine and i can record and see the waves being recorded and playback works fine etc, however the waves only go between 0.5 and -0.5 and they top and bottom out flatlining on these values. there seems to be some setting that is stopping the wave from from going above and below these values and i can not for the life of me find the setting.

Any help would be so appreciated!


That can happen if you plug the high level Line-out of your mixer into the low level Mic-In of your computer. The first amplifier of a Mic-In connection is very sensitive, uncontrollable, and overloads at the drop of a hat. Switch to the Line-In connection if you have one or change the type of connection in software.

Many laptop PCs don’t have a Line-In or controls and you’re stuck.

If all that is correct, then we’re going to need to know more. Who made the mixer and this…