I'm melting!


so I’m fortunate enough to have an audio closet now. The room is 5’ x 5’ x 8’.

My only remaining hurdle is it could also double as a sauna. I close the door and a few seconds later it hits 90 and starts rising. Therefore, I can’t stay in there for any length of time.

Has anybody found an inexpensive and silent way of cooling please?


To provide a room with air without additional noise can be pretty tough. The usual method is to use “sound traps” in the duct work between the fans and the room. The poor mans version is a long length of flexible ducting that has as many turns as you can manage. To make up for the airflow losses from all of the extra turns you need a larger duct than the volume of air would normally dictate.

What options do you have to get at your closet? Attic above? crawlspace below? Hole in the wall to the adjoining room?

If there is attic above the answer might be as simple as one of those remote-mounted bathroom fan units, installed as far a way as possible with the aforementioned long duct with lots of bends.

The exhaust fan will need a source of makeup air, If there still is the typical gap under the door that will probably suffice, but if you’ve sealed that up, then more ductwork might be needed.

This conference room had corrected air ducts.


I go through a great deal of effort to get that room for sound shoots and we have done video shoots and interviews in there. I talked to some of the older tenants and it turns out people would shoot sound in there even before we moved in.

I could drop the shades to cut reflections from the windows and nobody could hear whether the air was on or not. Terrific place.


You could bring a bag of dry ice in there with you. What are the symptoms of too much Carbon Dioxide? Does your voice go up? No, wait. That’s Helium.


Ian is in an apartment at Olympic and La Brea.

Thanks for the ideas.

It is a hall closet (one of 4) and has crawl space above.

And yes, Mid City 1920’s Art Deco top duplex.


Ah, well if you are renting the space that may well limit the options for permanent alterations.

The galvanized laundry tub full of ice from the supermarket may well be the best option. :slight_smile:

If it is 1920s then I’ll bet either doesn’t have air conditioning at all, or what is has is a horribly noise window unit somewhere. If it has been re-fit with central air, and the ducts happen to be running in that crawl space above your ceiling, then it’s not impossible to “tap” one of the ducts for a nearby room and bring a small amount of air to the closet.

Aye, no central A/C, just the window units.

At this point I think I’ll just have to strap an ice-pack on my head. :wink:


Greetings once more,

I found a very quiet little fan: http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B000E19MQ8/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

At low level I don’t hear it in my ambient noise tests after processing.

It isn’t cooling very much but it helps a little. I’m trying it with and without the ice in front. Usually I hit 90 as soon as I close the door and it rises from there. Now I’m hovering between 86 and 90.

Please let me know what you think. The tests are here:


Cheers. :slight_smile: