I'm lost... syncing audio..

I totally lost and frustrated, I can’t find anything online that could help me, I’ll explain:

I’m just trying to make a video with different audio recorder through different microphones, it seems like a really easy task, but i’m almost falling my seat of frustration, I just take the main mp3 audio from my video and sync it with the other two using the waveform, zooming much as possible and all 3 audio tracks sounds flawlessly, now the problem, whatever I do (and I mean whatever I’m trying to do) they won’t save correctly, they always unsynced once I open them all up again just to see everything is right, my main mp3 from my camera is starting from 0, the other two tracks are moved behind the 0 to allign with the main track, I’ve read that saving each one independently ignores the hidden track left to the 0, which I want it to, but i’m doing something wrong as they come up wrong once I upload them again, what am I’m doing wrong ?

MP3’s add silence padding at the start. If that’s the problem, you could export as WAV.


That might be the problem since they are slightly placed to the right, but why is that happening and except as saving as a wav is there a way to overcome that problem ?

See http://lame.sourceforge.net/tech-FAQ.txt.

Why not just export as WAV? It also saves you losing quality. Or export as FLAC (smaller, still lossless) or OGG (lossy but usually does not add silence padding). Better video editors will probably let you add FLAC or OGG audio to the video.

The MKV video container format should support OGG and FLAC audio as far as I know. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_container_formats#Information.


Thank you Gale, I tried saving them as WAV and it seems to fix the problem, about the losses of quality, I think it’s barely if it all noticed on my records and mp3 saves lots of space, I’m more quality obsessed when it comes to pure music, youtube videos usually do not require that amount of detail…
thank you :slight_smile:

OGG saves as much or slightly more space for the quality loss as MP3.


WAV (Microsoft) is a “Perfect” sound format. It’s recommended for production and editing.

MP3 is an end-product. That’s the format you use to make music for your Personal Music Player. It gets its small files and lots of empty room by damaging the show. It can change the length of the files and quality of the sound. You can minimize the damage, but you can’t stop it.

Never do production in MP3.


Even if it’s just for a youtube video? but I agree, I only use mp3 cause they are very compact and much less time to process them, If I got the time and the space I will always use WAV, thank you for your help and tips :slight_smile:

You can do what you want. MP3 is very common for up and downloads. They’re tiny and convenient and make for fast transmission.

That’s not “production.” Production is when you go to the trouble to record your voice in high quality with the idea you’re going to combine it with live music for later upload. Everything up to the internet posting should be in WAV.

The lower limit of MP3 quality is about 64 for stereo. If you record your voice in 128 and then combine it with other 128 content (music, sound effects) and export at 128, you now have a 64 quality show. Barely acceptable.

It’s sneaky.

People regularly get killed when they try to produce high quality broadcast or podcast from downloaded music.

“Why does it sound honky and bubbly.” Multiple pass MP3 does that.