I'm looking for a real File Repair expert in using Audacity

Hi, I’m based in Milan, Italy. I have to repair a very low quality audio file recorded over 10 years ago with an iPhone 3 and I’m looking for a real expert in using Audacity. I’ve tried by myself but I miss too many skills to reach the goal. Therefore I write here hoping someone from the Team will be able to suggest a good professional (developer?) of the software able to use its functions at its best to see if he can help me.
Obviously paid to do it.
Thank you in advance for the answer.

A. R.

If the recording is voice try this AI service, (while it is still free)

There are people on Fiverr who claim to be able to fix audio problem$.

NB: processing usually does not make incomprehensible audio understandable,
(as happens in the movies).

Thank you Trebor, I tried but unfortunately the result is totally incomprehensible.


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