I'm learning how to make podcasts and I want to know how...

…to lengthen the track of a song I have imported as a kind of Intro to the show that I won’t speak over. I put the Fade Out effect on it, but that’s it.

I have some experience doing things in Audacity, ripping vinyl records perfectly to 24 bit 96hz rips. Which unfortunately only works in windows because I can’t control the sound (it’s locked) while in Linux Mint. I’m currently in Windows 7 after having re-installed it so I could rip those records.

Anyway, I just want to be able to pic my mic, press record and it will not make a new track and it will record right after the song I have imported. Any way to do that?

I’m not a fan of this multi-track thing as I am a beginner and will not need more than 1 track for now. I’ve tried many things, doing Repeat and then trying to delete the data in that section…but it deletes the whole song copy on the track. I would really appreciate some help here.

Thanks a lot.

Shift-R is Append Record. That will jam your voice right onto the end of the old track.

But. That will sound like you jammed your voice onto the end of the music.

Mute the music tracks with the MUTE control (on the left) and just start recording your new track. That will appear as a second track under the music.

Stop when you get done. Unmute the music. Use the Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows) to push your voice to the right (later). Stop short of where the music quits and use the envelope tool (or any of the other effects) to slowly fade the music as you talk. Or pull the Music Under behind your voice for a couple of seconds and then at some magic point in the script fade it completely.

Or just leave all this for later when you get used to the tools.

One step I missed was Export your voice or any other live performance as WAV (Microsoft) before you do anything else. That’s your backup when you make a mistake and flush your edit into the mud. You won’t have to record it all again.

Do not use MP3.


I forgot to say thanks, those were great tricks.

Didn’t want to resort to Sony Vegas which is even more complicated, I’m not a newcomer at all when it comes to OS’s and computers but audio / creator software isn’t something I’ve played with in the last 23 years.