I'm getting "The system has detected that another copy of Au

I’m getting:

“The system has detected that another copy of Audacity is running.”

I’m on Ubuntu 16.04. (Unity) I don’t know what version of Audacity (well hell, I can’t run it to find out from the About menu!) But it’s whatever version was around that time- so about six months ago…

So I guess this counts as a bug report…

Soooo… I’m trying to think of what else to provide. It’s a desktop machine, Lenovo.

Anyway, btw I’m a programmer for 20 years, so whatever you want, lemme know, thanks.

There’s probably a left-over lock file stopping Audacity from launching.
Ensure that Audacity is not running at all, then look in /var/tmp/audacity-/
That folder should be empty when Audacity is not running.

Thanks steve, you nailed. Just a matter of rm -rf * and it worked,

thanks again,


Excellent :slight_smile:

Ooh that’s interesting :wink: … have you ever considered contributing to open source software? :mrgreen: