I'm doing a song mixing project, can you give me feedback?

Pun TOTALLY intended.

So I’m having people send me recordings of them singing the song My Soul Your Beats This is the original.


This is what I have so far using the submissions I’ve already received. Though I have mixed sound recordings before, this is the first time I do something like this and my first Audacity project. I’d like to know if anyone has any advice on what I can do to make this better. I’ll be getting submissions all through this month so this is just a “sample”.

Thank you for any non unpleasant to the ear feedback!

Hi Nyako.
As you might know, Vocaroo mixes all down to mono, but I suppose the final file will be stereo, won’t it.
Can you tell us more about the goal of the project?
For example:

  • Do you use a Karaoke version of the song
  • Are the submissions vocals only
  • should it eventually sound as if a choir was singing
    and so on

There’s certainly a lot of work ahead for you…
I would start with the original vocals isolated in order to have a proper alignment grid for the submitted vocals.
For instance like this:


Was not sure what the difference between mono and stereo was so I looked it up. Not sure if I can fully understand this since I can’t hear in my right ear (meningitis) so I think I’ve always heard everything as “mono”. If anything Vocaroo sounds sort of louder for me than Audacity.


  1. I used a karaoke version of the song to try and sync everyone. I guess that was not enough XD

  2. Submissions are vocals only.

  3. Hmm I’m not sure if it should sound like a choir per say . . .Making something like this is the ultimate goal.


Vocaroo sounds sort of louder for me than Audacity.

It’s not unusual for audio applications to come with their own, individual playback volume controls. People complain that Audacity isn’t as loud as another application on the same clip. Reset the playback volume using the Device Toolbar.



There is a free pitch-correction (like autotune) plugin called Kerovee which works* in Audacity (on windows)
You’ll need the vocal track in isolation to use it , (i.e. no music , one singer only).


[ * no midi though ].