I'm a novice

Hello to everybody, sorry for my English.
I starded to use audacity yesterday. I have to record piano and voice at my home and I can’t remove the noise.
If it’s possible i would put a piano accompaniment directly in audacity. Can this programm create it?
If there’s anyone can help me, i’ll be grateful.

Audacity can create laboratory test tones Generate > Tone and some other sounds, but we have no ability to create music like a piano. Is that what you want?

at my home and I can’t remove the noise.

People who record at home find how noisy their home really is. You might be able to record your piano without room noise if it’s an electric/electronic piano. You can get cables that connect your piano headphone socket to your computer Stereo Line-In – if it has one. If all you have is a laptop with a Mic-In, then you may need a stereo adapter like the UCA202.

That will also give you a good place to put the headphones so you can overdub your voice on top of the piano track.


Does that help?


Ok, Thanks.
So, if I can only use my piano, doesn’t exist a way to delete the noise?

It depends on the type of noise.
It may be possible to remove or reduce a constant hum or whistle using a notch filter. Audacity Manual
It may be possible to reduce “hiss” using the Noise Removal effect. Audacity Manual
It may be possible to avoid TV noise by turning off the TV before you start recording.
It may be possible to reduce traffic noise by recording at night or on a Sunday when there is less traffic.