If you want my money.....

You guys want us to ‘donate’ for your product, but give no, absolutely no support for it. A forum is not support! Audacity was fine until the last Mac update and the last Audacity update. I’m not giving any more money until there’s proper support for your product.

Audacity is an open source project run by volunteers.

You don’t have to pay anything but you may contribute if you wish. (Of course there are expenses.)

That’s OK. “Donations” are a purely voluntary way for Audacity users to help us cover the costs of providing Audacity for free.

I guess that you want telephone support or personal 1 to 1 email support. That’s very rare even for commercial software.
Audacity is primarily created and supported by volunteers in their spare time. It sounds like commercial software would suit you better.

So do you have a support question, or did you just want to complain that you don’t get enough for free?