If you can't... than how can you?

The advice in the FAQ if you can’t login is to contact a group administrator, but how do you contact a group administrator without logging in???

Hmmm… see what you mean. :confused:

I will bring this to the attention of the forum administrator.

Illiterate? Write for more information.


As far as I can see, if you are not logged in there is no way of accessing any user’s profile, of sending them a PM or deducing their e-mail address to send them a normal e-mail. The FAQs are displayed as provided by the Forum software. I agree that FAQ (and probably a few others) are not all that useful. Either we have to show Buanzo’s or my e-mail address in that FAQ, or probably better, direct them to:

If the user e-mails us from that page, Buanzo or I will see it. Shall we change the FAQ to direct people there?

I know attacks are uncool in forums, but I am brand new to the forum (been using Audacity almost a decade, though not too often) and I made my first two posts today and this kozikowski guy posted idiotic, if not mean spirited, responses to both. I don’t know what your problem is kozikowski, but let’s just make a general rule that you should never ever respond to a post I make again. If I could block you I would. And please exercise some self-control and don’t post a final word. Thank you!

To waxcylinder and Gale Andrews, you guys are class acts and I greatly appreciate your kind and helpful support.

Best regards!

Every time I post you seem to be right there. Will you please cut it out?