identifying individual sound prints within a track


I downloaded an MP3 of an episode from an Anime I enjoy watching. But mostly for the music, anyways I only want to listen to the music in this MP3 I’ve download. Since there are different sounds going on in this track I’ve downloaded, I want to narrow down the audio to an individual voice print.

I am very new to this subject so from 29:39 to 31:10 in this video it can explain better what I want to do with this file.

If I can’t do this on audacity can some one point me in the right direction please?


To sharpen this up a little. You downloaded an animation with music and voices or music and theatrical effects and you want the music only.

The reason they could isolate the jet engine noise in the movie (and a lot of that scene is pure Hollywood) is the noise is a single character Jet Whine and it doesn’t change over time, or doesn’t change much. You can get software to build a characteristic or “voice print” and isolate it from all the rest of the trash. That part you can do.

You don’t have One Single Unchanging Thing. You have constantly changing voices or theatrical effects and constantly changing music. So, no, there’s no print and there are no good tools to split apart instruments or performers from a mixed performance.

If you do find somebody or some software that can do that, post back. Lots of people want to use it.


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I admit I would not have though of doing that.