ideas to improve sound just a bit?

Hi. I am working on a podcast based on a talk that was given by a holocaust survivor in Greece. The sound started out unusable and i was able to get it in pretty good shape, but if anyone has an idea or two about getting it just a little clearer, I’d very much appreciate it. A small segment is attached. Thanks!

The sound started out unusable

Post some of that. Same segment. We can’t take effects out of a performance and once you overdo processing and noise reduction, the effect is permanent. You can safely post a mono recording (one blue wave) out to 20 seconds on the forum.

Export the original recording in WAV or Lossless Project as a backup. It’s a new user mistake to patch one sound file all the way from the original voice to the exported podcast. If anything happens to Audacity, you could lose the show forever. You want to avoid any possibility of having to shoot it again.

Do you know why the original shoot was bad? Is it anything you can fix?


IMO wayy too much Noise Reduction.
A hint of hiss is preferable to interruptions from R2D2.
(It’s not possible to remove the NR artefacts).

Thanks guys.

I can try to dig up the original source material but not optimistic. The context is that it was an elderly lady speaking, she came in and out, and it was recorded by a member of the audience on a zoom recorder, with no formal setup. It wasn’t intended to be a podcast, but her son and I decided, let’s give it a shot because it’s such an amazing story - how she survived the holocaust in Greece. So, we’re planning to have the son be the main speaker, and augment with Yolanda’s actual voice wherever possible. So just looking to see if I can take the version I’ve been working on for some time - which I sent an excerpt of yesterday - just a little bit more clear.

I get the noise reduction point - lesson learned. But there was so much clatter, etc., that it had to be done.

Again, any thoughts on just a tiny improvement are welcome, but I get it if there’s not a whole lot to be done.



Practice makes perfect. Go on to your next project, and always preserve back up copies. Read these forums and try to make each new project a little better.