Idea for the "smart" limiter

Hi. I have an idea for a limiter based on old Hard Limiter. Maybe something like this already exists.

This limiter would have dB limit value / slider like the old Hard Limiter.
From that value it would start limiting, but only peaks that exceed the new desired dB limit, down to that limit.

This way anything that doesn’t exceed the desired peak limit would be untouched and there would be no hard clipping.

If something like this exists please tell me where can I download it, if it doesn’t I hope somebody will make it because I would if I knew how.

That sounds rather similar to the “Hard Limit” setting in Audacity’s Limiter effect:

This wouldn’t affect anything that doesn’t peak unlike “Hard Limit” and “Soft Limit” settings in Audacity’s Limiter.

The Hard Limit setting doesn’t affect anything that doesn’t peak.

Also this limiter wouldn’t have hold value. It would somehow check samples before and after samples that peak until they reach value from which limiting should begin.