Idea for plugin unless it exists.

I am looking for a plugin that will let me take two versions of the same song and get rid of unwanted noise. Some examples would be if I have two recordings of the exact same song, where the music in both is the exact same audio, with different vocal tracks (in this case I would want to use both copies of the song to isolate the noise that is the same between the two, hence the background track). Another example (this is the one I am working with) is if you have two or more versions of the exact same audio track, but it has already been mixed down with the video you have made, however you have made multiple videos with the song, so you want to use the multiple sources to try and isolate what you can from the audio that exists the same accross all sources. This is useful when you no longer have the original, but something is better than nothing. Kind of like a reverse noise removal. I know this would only be possible if you had the same track in each audio source, but it would be used to remove the sounds that are not present in ALL sources, and would keep the audio that is the same accross all sources.

It’s a nice idea, but it would be extremely difficult to implement and probably too much for a Nyquist plug-in. Something like this would be more likely to be developed as a separate project from Audacity, as a stand alone program.

THat’s a shame, but alright. What would you call something with this function, though?

I guess it could be described as a kind of audio “source separation” (

Thank you