Idea for a plug-in to make editing simpler

If you had a plug-in that would convert the audio to text and display the text directly below the audio track–and in sync with the audio track–this would simplify editing. You could use this plug-in in conjunction with a clicker to easily find the audio sections to be deleted. Ideally, the audio-to-text converter would be able to convert garbled speech that doesn’t sound like any English words.

Does something like this already exist? I’m pretty sure the technology to produce it exists.

Just that part of the proposal would require about the same amount of development effort as the rest of Audacity in total. There are already “speech to text” apps and they are extremely complex. The best ones run as a service in the cloud so that they can leverage huge AI databases. I very much doubt that Audacity will develop in this direction within the foreseeable future.

I think this goes beyond the current bleeding edge of technology.

Unless, of course, lytnin88 writes one. :wink: