Icons in new themes

Windows 7 64-bit - Audacity 2.2.0-beta-Sep 1 2017 - .exe-installer

Where does the icons come from in the new themes?
Like the light theme.
I wanted to check out the icons because some of them seem fuzzy/unclear like the trim icon but the XPM files i can find seem to be for the classic theme.
I found LightThemeAsCeeCode.h so are all the icons just packed into that one file with no way to view icons individually from the source code?

Hmm it seems they look fuzzy/unclear because they try to look disabled.
Which is not very clear.
Expect for the high contrast theme where there is a fat red line across the disabled buttons.

I’ve been using Light theme for a long time now, on many alphas and now the Beta - and I don’t have issues with the icons as they are now (IIRC there were some issues originally - but James fixed all those).


Most of them are form the Material Design set (https://material.io/icons/), with a few custom icons created by James.

Ok but i meant where do i find the icons in the source code.